Are you influenced by the wedding trends going viral in 2019? We had 2 Royal weddings in 2018 and their influence is seen across all designers and following are wedding trends you need to know about

Traditional wedding dresses

Traditional fabrics and classic designs are making a comeback, continuing the vintage style so in vogue in 2018. The stunningly simple but incredibly elegant Megan Markle dress has majorly influenced wedding dress design for 2019, every designer has a simple, classic satin boat neck design in their range. The dress silhouette line is clean and without bling or sparkle. Designs are altered slightly to suit every shape of bride. The silhouette is important in terms of suiting your shape, dropped waist styles do suit curvy brides. Pockets are also a big hit for brides in 2019, lots of wedding dresses now have in line pockets. Lots of designers are also including halter necks in their ranges, these are very grown up styles and fundamentally different from the strapless or off the shoulder styles.

Blue and Metallic wedding dresses are also becoming part of the designers offers, Vera Wang has some stunning blue styles. Metallic colours include rose gold and bronze with Silver the most popular.

Capes and capelets

When worn with a strapless wedding dress, capes and capelets add some romance and elegance for wedding dresses. They also add a feminine and creative silhouette for the boho or more informal brides. Capes are becoming shorter and shorter with Callista’s Amy capelet a very popular choice. They are also very good for covering exposed arms for curvy brides who do not wish to have their arms on show.


Of course the drone is big news and a huge trend for 2019 and is being used by photographers to capture the more unusual photos of the couple and the venue.

Another way to be different and unique is to have smoke bomb photos, these are becoming more common and make a massive impact to your wedding photo collection.

The Donut Wall

Oooooo donuts love them. This is so on trend for 2019 becoming THE pudding/sweetie/party centre for all get-togethers and occasions.  It is literally a wall of pegs with donuts attached. Lots of different centres, such as raspberry, custard, strawberry, honey, peanut butter or plain. Sweet trolleys are so last year.!!!!

Wedding colours

Choosing your colour theme is very important, your bridesmaids dresses, the grooms suit, your flowers, wedding cake and venue dressing all relies on you choosing your colours. Popular colours continue to be pink, lilac, blue and purple. The Pantone colour for 2018 was Lilac and for 2019 the colour is Coral. This is a stunning colour for spring and summer which is bright and cheerful and goes with the range of colours from deep pink to cream. When choosing bridesmaids dresses always ask for a colour swatch to match for flowers etc.

Wedding Cakes

The traditional 3 tier white wedding cakes with white piping flowers on is long gone. There are some amazing cake designers out there and go to a wedding fair to see the breadth of designs and colours to match your colour theme. Recently I have seen cakes that hang upside-down like a chandelier, lego cakes, cakes with an explosion of flowers all over, flowers cascading down one side, cup-cakes only cakes, metallic cakes, marble design cakes. The imagination is endless, for 2019 the more unusual the design the more on trend.

The traditional fruit cake in all 3 layers is also old hat!! Cakes are now more likely to be lemon drizzle, chocolate orange, Victoria sponge, raspberry or another combination of modern flavours.

Dressing your venue

Hiring a venue dresser is definitely a growing trend for 2019. Setting up your venue tables with centre pieces, coloured table cloths, special favours and presents is very on trend for 2019. Large lit up letters spelling out you and your partners initials or the word LOVE have a high impact, also projecting your initials onto the dance floor is effective. The trend for 2019 is to have bespoke greenery instead of flowers in centrepieces. The most impactful trends are organic, foliage, green flowers and opulent designs, this follows on from the vintage and rustic weddings of 2018 with the range of greens from sage to holly being more prevalent in 2019,

Put away the mobiles

Social media is invading every part of our lives and the top trend for phone usage is to be an unplugged wedding. The trend for 2019 is for family and guests is to put away their phones. For every minute that someone films the event they miss being involved in it. Suggest that they should throw themselves into the ceremony and the day rather than see it through their phones.