Sweaty palms (and armpits), terrified that there will be other brides trying dresses on and that they will be skinny minis? Hoping there will be a perfect plus size wedding dress available for a more curvy bride but worried that none of the dresses will fit? Concerned that you won’t be able to keep your upper arms covered and that clingy fabrics will be the only thing available?

Does any of the above sound familiar? Yes, well you won’t be the only one feeling that way. Trying on Wedding Dresses is highly emotional and is up there stress wise with bungee jumping and parachuting from a helicopter! Here are some pointers to make the whole experience easier and calmer and even enjoyable.

1. Choose a specialist plus size bridal shop for your perfect plus size wedding dress.

Curvaceous Bridal Shop WindowIf there are none locally then travel, the experience will be worth it. I’ve heard so many stories from Brides who have gone to their ‘local’ Wedding Dress shop or a national chain and had horrendous experiences. Such as, having a dress held up against them instead of trying it on, being told there is nothing in your size even though you rang to ask about plus sizes. A specialist shop, such as Curvaceous Bridal of Sheffield, will have lots of plus size wedding dresses for you to try and have the knowledge and experience to support you in finding your dream dress. Often the owner or assistant is also curvy and fully understands your dilemmas.

2. Be open-minded regarding the style

All brides dream and think about what their wedding dress will be like, some have fixed ideas of not wanting a ‘poofy’ dress for example, in the belief that the style will make them look bigger. Some curvy brides would not try on a fitted dress or a mermaid style. The best approach is to be open-minded, it may take trying on several dresses before you find your style. This could be the princess, dropped waist, empire line, A-line, fit and flare, mermaid or tea length. Be advised by your assistant as to the best styles to try, let her know if you love/hate sparkle and bling, love/hate lace and romantic styles. You’ll know when you find your dress, you’ll feel it.

3. Be budget aware

You may have discussed a budget for your wedding dress with your partner or parent, whoever is paying for your dress. In the scheme of the whole wedding, your dress is going to be well less than the catering, venue and honeymoon. It’s the only day when you can wear a wedding dress and veil so don’t “skimp on the sparkle”. The average wedding dress is approximately £1,300, you don’t pay extra for a plus size wedding dress, or at least you shouldn’t.

4. Quality, quality, quality.

The quality of a wedding dress shows in the design, the style, material and fit. If you go to a budget chain to buy your dress it is very likely to be cheaper but you won’t get the inner structure that supports you and helps you wear the wedding dress comfortably all day. Buying a specialist plus size wedding dress means quality throughout. From the contemporary styles which are new every year right through to the material of satin, tulle, lace and chiffon. The inner structure is very important to curvy ladies, the dual purpose is to both accentuate your curves and hide your curves to the very best advantage. I often have brides saying that they wish every dress could be made with a corset. With a quality dress, there will be no ‘2nd boob’, back fat or clingy belly. Your bust will fit within the internal bra, the back will be high enough with an inner corset/modesty panel and ribbon corset back, and the style of the dress will show off your best bits and flatter your waist.

5. Sleeves or no sleeves

Many many brides ask for sleeves on their wedding dresses because they “hate their arms”. This is undoubtedly true but wearing sleeves can sometimes draw attention to your arms which is the last thing you want. Veils do a very good job of covering your upper arms, as do boleros and jackets. Often though once you have on your perfect plus size wedding dress no one is looking at your arms but only at the beautiful dress you have on and how stunning you look in it.

I hope you have found our top tips on buying the perfect plus size wedding dress and that you are able to enjoy trying on wedding dresses and choose your beautiful wedding dress for your special day.

Chrissy Wright