Now, ladies, this is a sensitive subject, it’s all about comfort and coolness on your wedding day and your wedding underwear has an important part to play.

As curvy ladies we know that wearing dresses are often the second choice to wearing comfortable trousers. This is usually about, as plus size, our thighs chafe and the feeling is uncomfortable, hot and even painful.

The solutions are to wear shorts or old-fashioned long-legged ‘old lady’ knickers which are neither pleasant to look at or sexy for your special day. However, a wedding underwear solution is at hand- a couple of really special cool ladies. Carol and Jill, have come up with a solution for us that are literally “Bloomin’ Sexy”. This is the name of their new company that supplies the beautiful long leg knickers.

Carol and Jill have done lots and lots of research about the need to wear longer leg underwear that helps stop the misery of chafing thighs. You need to have comfort and coolness without rolling up or cutting into your thighs. The Bloomin’ Sexy longer legged knickers combine comfort, practicality and will make you feel sexy and proud of your feminine shape.

They use soft, stretch fabrics that are washable and feel comfortable all day long. They also have a 100% cotton gusset.

Curvaceous Bridal working with ‘Bloomin’ Sexy’ is supplying these longer legged knickers for our lovely brides to wear on your special day. We have samples of the wedding underwear available for you to try in each style.

The different styles are all available in black or white:
– Classic with lace edging and a beautiful tiny rose
– Urban is a straightforward plainer type
– Romance is all lace on the legs and the bottom with a soft inner thigh
– Vintage (my favourite) has a faux suspender with bows on the lower edge
And sizes available are up to size 30.

Other Wedding Underwear


For trying on and wearing wedding dresses it is always helpful to wear a strapless bra in either flesh coloured or white. This bra should be supportive and fit well. Going to a good shop such as M & S, Debenhams, House of Fraser or a specialist underwear shop for a bra to be fitted is always a good idea. A good fitting bra gives you confidence and should be comfortable to wear all day without pinching or rubbing. Helpful too is to ‘wear’ the bra ‘in’ so that it is not brand new on your wedding day. Good bra stockists for curvy brides are Figleaves, Simply Be or Evans.

Of course, a bra is not always necessary. Designer plus size wedding dresses for curvy brides such as those sold in Curvaceous Bridal have built-in bras with support and a modesty panel back which doubles as a bra back. Don’t worry that you won’t have enough support because you will not fall out, move or jiggle about. The dresses are made for curvy larger brides and the neckline will not be falling down but will be supportive and appropriate. There is also a silicone tape going around the neckline which helps attach the dress to the skin.


I know this may seem an odd item to blog about but tights have many useful attributes for curvy brides, such as, if you are having a winter wedding some light flesh coloured tights can help keep your legs warm, especially your toes when you are outside having photographs done. Tights also help stop chafing of your thighs and can have a support top or top and thighs to help hold these ‘problem areas’ in shape. Tights can also help if you are having a ballerina or tea length wedding dress, the tights will give an even colour on your legs. Tights also help to stop your shoes rubbing whatever length wedding dress you wear.


You don’t usually see hoops other than for wedding dresses and rockabilly dresses. For wedding dresses, though hoops have some real benefits, for example, they keep the wedding dress away from your legs, which helps with walking in your dress and keeps your legs cooler. However, it is important to note you should always try a hoop on with your wedding dress at your first fitting. This is because the hoop will add breadth to the hem of your dress giving a more princess-like shape and lifting the hem of your dress which means if the hoop is not accounted for then the dress can lift off the floor and show your shoes. That’s fine if you don’t mind showing your shoes but if you want your dress to touch the floor bare this in mind.

Shape wear

Again this is underwear that is helpful to wear to your wedding dress appointments so that your shape is shown in the dresses that you try on. Shape wear should not restrict you from sitting down or moving around in a natural way. You should feel supported and snug in your shapewear. Designs and availability are improving all the time but some of the best places to buy shapewear are Marks and Spencers and Simply Be. Flesh coloured is best, please do not wear black shapewear as this is likely to show through your wedding dress. Always the shapewear should not flatten your breasts, a great design is wearing the shapewear design that sits beneath your bra and comes down to your knees with simple straps, or straps that can be tucked into your bra.

All the recommendations included in this blog on wedding underwear are the authors own.
Chrissy Wright – Owner, Curvaceous Bridal the No.1 Place for Plus Size Wedding Dresses in Sheffield
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